Important Limitations!

There are several limitations for tax-free system. You have to be careful about these limitations.

– You can not order more than 4 pieces of the same product in 1 order. If you want to order more than 4 pieces, you need to order with different name and different address.

– ┬áTotal number of product should not exceed more than 11 in one order, including different products. If you order more than 11 pieces, your order will be cancelled and fee will be refunded within 3 business days.

– You should not order the same product with the same name within a week. We suggest you to wait at least 10 days to order the same product or order with different name and different address.

– Due to the customs agreement, we can not work with the different courier company except DHL. Do not request delivery with different courier company.

– If you want to make payment with credit card or bank, you can send us your requests. However, when you do the payment in this way, the price of the product will be higher than the official website due to extra payments such as VAT, Customs Tax, Transportation Tax, Credit Card Bank Commission etc. If you still want to purchase, even if the prices are high due to our stock levels, please send us your request. Our sales team will respond to your messages as soon as possible.

We have warehouses in 6 countries. Your orders are shipped according to the nearest warehouses.

We can not support you via phone because of the dense telephone traffic. You can send us your requests with Contact Form on Contact us website.

In addition to our R&D document required for tax-free delivery, a random student account will be created for you. Your account has no official validity, it is only required for tax free delivery. You do not need to use your email account after delivery.

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