Refund Policy

The Client has the right to submit a complaint against the Seller, in particular in the case the Product does not comply with the agreement, the Product is faulty or the Seller’s actions are improper or incompatible with the Regulation provisions.
The complaint may be submitted by electronic means through the contact form available at, by electronic mail or in writing to the address of the Seller.
The complaint shall include: name, surname, contact data (submitted at, relevant transaction description or description of relevant circumstances justifying the complaint and specific request of the Client regarding the submitted complaint. In the case the complaint refers to the Product itself, while submitting the complaint the Client is obliged to submit the given Product and purchase confirmation.
In the case data or information given in the complaint require to be completed, before handling the complaint the Seller asks the Client who has submitted the complaint to complete it to a given extent.
The Seller shall process the complaint within 14 days of its receipt. The Client shall receive information regarding the type of complaint handling in the form which complies with the request of the Client (e.g. by electronic mail given in the process of registration or in writing). In the case the Seller rejects the complaint, the Client shall be notified of the reasons of such a decision.
In the event repair or replacement of the Product is possible, the Seller shall notify the Client and give any information regarding the subsequent course of proceedings. In the case which justifies granting a refund, the amount for the Product purchased by the Client shall be returned within 14 days of the receipt of the Product by the Seller.
The refund of the amount paid by the Client is processed in the same payment method the Client has previously chosen.
The Client, being the consumer, may take advantage of non-judicial complaint and claim procedures.

Under the Act of May 30, 2014 about consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, Item 827 with subsequent amendments), the Client, being a consumer, who has concluded a distant agreement, has a right to withdraw from the agreement within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of the Product without announcing any reasons, by submitting a statement of agreement withdrawal to the Seller. The Seller shall extend the period of time for withdrawal from a distant agreement without announcing any reasons to thirty (30) days of the receipt of the Product.
The Client may withdraw from the agreement through a contact form available at or in writing (agreement withdrawal template constitutes the attachment to the Regulation). In the case when within one Order the Client has purchased more than one Product, the agreement withdrawal shall refer to all or some Products chosen by the Client, provided that in the case the Product is sold as a complete set or package, the withdrawal shall refer to the complete set or package in question.
In case of sale agreement withdrawal, the agreement is considered not to be concluded with regard to the Product (a complete set or package), from which purchase the Client has withdrawn. The return shall be made immediately, no later than within 14 days of the date of the agreement withdrawal. The Client shall bear all the costs for the return of the Product to the Seller. In case of effective sale agreement withdrawal, the Seller shall return the payment made by the Client for the Product using the same payment method as the Client. In the event the Client has taken advantage of a discount, the returned payment shall be reduced by the amount of the discount, which can be still used by the Client under the discount-specified conditions.
In case of exceeding time limits of agreement withdrawal referred to in this Article the Seller shall send the returned Product back to the Client at the Client’s expense. Noncompliance by the Client with the agreement withdrawal procedure mentioned above might result in a significant delay of agreement withdrawal procedure and the order to return the payment due to the Client.
The right of agreement withdrawal is not provided for in the cases referred to in Article 38 of Act of May 30, 2014 about consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, Item 827 with subsequent amendments), in particular when the subject in question includes a Product created according to the Client’s specification or addressing the Client’s individual needs (e.g. personalised Products according to individual conditions of the Client).

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*Worldwide Tax-Free Delivery!
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